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Welcome to rise of the horde!    

Welcome to
Rise Of The Horde!

Welcome Horde players of ravenholdt!
Please take your time to read this information. That makes your stay in the guild easier.

We are a social\instance\raiding\pvp guild.

We do all types of raids from Vanilla through to Cataclysm

All the raids are planned on the in-game calendar.

We also have ventrilo. This will be used in ALL raids. Information you will find on the forum tab here, or in the "info" panel online.

The requirements to join "Rise of the Horde", are:

  • You have to be willing to join us to do heroics, dungeons and raids when you are online
  • We recruit all levels
  • You have to be a mature player
  • You need to follow the guild rules

Guild Ranks:

  • GM (Risingpain)
  • GM's alt (Xelent, Darkmisteres, Torradora)
  • COGM (Hellraizzor, Electryfying, Druidizm, Deathbrink)
  • Highlord (Shraden, Enkil)
  • Officer (to obtain this rank, you need to be trustworthy, and willing to enforce the rules + Veteran requirements)
  • Veteran (Needs to contribute to the guild, and come online more than just for the raids)
  • Raider (Needs to attend to a minumum of 10\15 raids)
  • Heroic (For those that don't raid so often but run HC's with other guild members)
  • Member (Need to attend a minimum of 5 raids\ or run atleast 15 HC's in a guild group)
  • Recruit (Newly recruited members)
Optional way to get the ranks:
  • Help out in the guild
  • Deposit gold, gear etc in guild bank
  • Join on the events on the calendar
  • Help out with tactics in raid groups and dungeon groups
  • Be a loyal member to the guild
How to get kicked from the guild:
  • Not registering at this website within one week of joining
  • Be obnoxious
  • Sexual\bad language
  • Bad attitude in raids\ or instances
  • Bein rude
  • Complain about everything
  • Not following the rules
  • Not listening to the GM,COGM, Highlord's or Officers
Some of these just gives a warning... While some of them are an instant kick with NO WAY BACK!

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